A promising environment

Our working world

We have a lot to offer

Around 5,700 employees ensure that our approximately 190,000 customers are always satisfied. We’ve built up relationships with them that are wholly based on trust thanks to our dedication and reliability. And it’s not just our clients who are highly loyal to us. Our employees also demonstrate that they feel deeply connected to the company. Their over average periods of employment demonstrate how strongly they identify with our company. Our ultimate goal is for our employees to enjoy performing their jobs and for Mewa to be a right fit for them.

Wir sind ausgezeichnet

Über 70.000 Unternehmen in allen Branchen und Regionen Deutschlands wurden vom Institute of Research & Data Aggregation für die Studie „Leading Employers“ analysiert. Neben den Angeboten für Mitarbeitende und deren Zufriedenheit im Unternehmen flossen viele weitere Parameter in die unabhängige Untersuchung ein, die nur auf frei verfügbare Quellen zurückgreift.

MEWA gehört dazu.

We like things to be colourful

We view the wide spectrum of our employees’ personalities, experiences and ways of living as a great enrichment for our work culture. This diversity makes us strong. We treat our employees with respect and openness, regardless of their gender, age, religious beliefs or nationality. Everyone is welcome at our company.