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We’re constantly growing and working to transform attractive areas of market potential into business success stories – so we’re always looking for people who want to join our team. As Europe’s market leader in textile management, it is our aspiration to continue to set standards, create added value and deliver an impressive performance – for both our customers and our employees. We consider ourselves to be a creators of opportunities: Anyone who wants to achieve great things will be given the opportunity to contribute to the further development of Mewa with their individual skills.

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Rent, don’t buy; share, don’t own: Our company’s success is based on a concept that was already considered visionary when it was founded in 1908 and is ubiquitous today under the term “sharing”. Sharing is an essential tool in improving resource conservation, waste avoidance and energy efficiency. We have also set extremely strict environmental-protection standards in many other areas of our company. For example, our washing plants use the heat from the washing and drying facilities via multi-stage heat recovery systems to heat water and working spaces.

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Far-sightedness and the power of innovation are part of our business model. They inspire a comprehensive sense of responsibility in us – not just in terms of the environment, but also of the economy and society at large.
Thoughtful, prudent business activities are how we ensure stability and a healthy level of growth. These, in turn, safeguard our fair working conditions, secure jobs and exciting opportunities for professional development: all great conditions for career and life planning you can depend on.
We want you to feel that you are in good hands with us and find purpose and satisfaction in your work. The basic conditions necessary for this are defined by our company’s culture mission statement: Alongside the principles espoused by a conscientious service provider, it includes the values of a traditional, family-run company and the leadership approach of a modern employer. We do not view employees as mere resources but as people with a variety of skills, ideas and needs to whom we show our appreciation.

Internal values are what matter